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September 2019


It’s All Happening!


Programming to get excited about.

Sept 2019 P1

The summer flew by, and we’ve been working hard to implement some new and exciting programming. This does not affect the return of our invaluable constants, The LDWC Playgroup, OWLS (Outstanding Wise Ladies Sharing and our Painting & Bridge Groups, which picked up last week, and are open for members (new and returning)!


The LDWC Prenatal program is in transition at the moment, We are in the process of  updating it and hope to see it return this Fall.

Now for the new stuff!

CREATIVE CAFÉ – Tuesday evenings from 5pm to 7pm, we will be hosting a Creative Café. Our conference room will transform into an “atelier” of sorts, and welcome those who always intend to work on their creative projects, but never seem to find the time. This space will be open to those who have projects of their own, and those who are looking for projects to participate in. Beginning Tuesday, October 1, we will be making Fidget blankets (Check out the full project below). 

PARENT TAP – Although Parent Tap is not new, we’re very excited about offering the program in 3 (possibly 4) new locations throughout the region! We will also continue to offer the program here at the LDWC in Lennoxville. And with the collaboration of the Community Learning Centres in Stanstead and Richmond/Danville, we were able to put together a series of 8 sessions to be offered between September 25 and June 17, 2020. Every Wednesday evening, our favourite Childhood Expert, Charity Kerrigan will be in a different region, opening discussions on topics relevant to parents of young children (0 to 12).

For a complete itinerary of a program


near you, check out our Facebook page, website or contact us directly.

The DOT SPOT  As introduced last Spring, we are preparing to launch the

DOT SPOT and make free hygiene products available in schools and community organizations throughout the region. Our website will have a list of locations where women can find a DOT SPOT near them.

If you are interested in being a DOT SPOT, or want to suggest a location, let us know! We want this campaign to reach as many women as possible!


MORE? Of  course there’s more, but we have to save some for the next Newsletter!


We Want you Back!

Membership Renewals

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 we will be coming by to renew your memberships or register you as a new member in the next few weeks. 

September 27 10am to 11:30am


October 2, 2pm to 3:30pm 


October 8 & 10 – 10am to 11:30am



Membership Form

The Lennoxville & District Women’s Centre 175 Rue Queen Suite 203 Sherbrooke, QC J1M 1K1


fidget1 copy

Last spring, we received a call from Kelsey Robson, a Bishop’s University Student leading CLO  a social enterprise geared towards raising funds and awareness to support the families affected by Alzheimer’s and other Dementias.

CLO logo

Fidget Blankets – Art with Heart

Calling all Crafter, Artist, & Just Plain Nice People!

Kelsey described the idea that the group had about making Fidget Blankets as a possible fundraising campaign to contribute to local foundations and families. Having seen the level of creativity and kindness that our members have, we agreed that this was a project we could get behind.

In the next several months, we will be introducing “Fidget Blitzes” toall 

community members. We’ll let you know where and when they will be held. We’ll also be working on these blankets during our “Creative Café” Tuesday evenings, which is of course, open to all women.

Do you Knit, Crochet, Quilt?

We need blankets! They should be no bigger that a pillow case and no smaller than a placemat (between 18” to 24” 

A fidget blanket is a lap-size quilt that provides sensory and tactile stimulation for the restless hands of someone with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.


7229afaf2d4f9296073bc3f016bf97db copy

long and 10” to 14” wide). You can make them as simple as you like, or have fun and use different colours, stiches and textures.

Do you collect stuff?


We need stuff! Fidget Blankets should be stimulating and interesting. We need anything from buttons, zippers, hair accessories, pom poms, beads, bells, pockets, small toys, coins etc. Anything that is interactive, that will add texture or sound, or stimulate memories.


Welcome Back Stephanie!

Sometimes, you get Lucky.

When Kristen left a few weeks ago, we had to say goodbye to another strong member of our team. As hard as this was, we are always happy to see a woman pursue her dreams and aspirations. As is customary we announced the opening internally, advising the students who had done their internships with us in the past, and we got very lucky! Stephanie Cramp cameback, and we couldn’t be happier to share the news!

Stephanie did her internship for the Bishops’ University Psychology Department with us last year. In the short time that she was here, she initiated the DOT SPOT project, animated the LDWC Playgroup, helped to plan and host our International Women’s Day Banquet and contributed to the day to day running of the Centre. She is generous, hard working, extremely capable, and we are thrilled to welcome her to the team as our Administrative Coordinator!




School Supplies, CHECK!


Another successful year.

There is something special about our community. We are full of people who want to help! This year the Operation Backpack Committee provided supplies to 96children in Lennoxville as well as 22students transitioning from grade 6 to A.G.R.H.S. from schools in the regions. That is an increase of 30recipients since last year. And that is only counting students attending Lennoxville Elementary & Galt. This year, thanks to help from the Tillotson Foundation and Centraide, the LDWC 

complimented the program with a campaign that reached out to 7 more primary schools in the regions, as well as Richmond Regional. In total, 103received backpacks and school supplies from that campaign.

With the help of administrators, teachers, counsellors and parents from outlying regions, we were able to reach and help over XX families in total.

That –  is something special.




The Coming Election with an Eye to Women’s Rights

By Brenda Hartwell

Rights 1900
Rights 1940
Rights 1960
Rights 2020

It is said that those who do not know history are bound to repeat it. With this in mind, let’s look at a few milestones in Canadian history that pertain to women’s rights and freedoms:

1. Women were declared “persons” under Canadian law less than 100 years ago on October 18, 1929.

2. Women in Quebec were only allowed to vote in provincial elections in 1940.  

3. Distributing information concerning birth control or selling birth control was illegal until 1969.  Decriminalizing contraception gave all Canadians the right to prevent pregnancy (and to protect themselves against sexually transmitted infections) without engaging in criminalized behaviour. The same legislation also decriminalized some abortions under restricted conditions.

It’s difficult to believe that Canadian women were only allowed access to information concerning contraception and how to protect themselves against sexually transmitted infection 50 years ago. We owe a debt of gratitude to all the women who fought for our right to control our own bodies, because these rights were not won easily. It took time, unflagging effort and sacrifice to convince the politicians and lawmakers (almost entirely male) to give us these rights.




Now, it seems there are people who were never pleased to see women with so many rights. We look to the South and see access to abortion denied in several states, even in cases of rape or incest. Planned Parenthood is being defunded even though 97% of their activity does not involve abortion services, but provides information and health services to women who can’t afford regular health care in the States. The same well-funded lobby groups that have swayed public opinion in the U.S. are helping politicians here in Canada shape their election strategies. Be aware. Beware.


in a typical federal election, only 45 to 60 per cent of Canadians bother to vote. With so many threats to women’s rights and the menace of climate change looming, it is more important than ever to look at party platforms and make an informed choice. What kind of nation do you want to live in? What sort of world do you want to leave to your children and grandchildren?

The political parties have not yet released their entire platforms, but more information should be available shortly. It is worth taking the time to inform yourself so you can vote for people who best represent your views and hopes for the future. There is a great deal of false information on social 



media sites, and politicians do “spin”. Even broadcasters like FOX News can’t get a licence as a news network because they don’t reliably report the news. It is best to seek information from real news organizations and if you are able, read the party platforms. If that seems like too much work, you might want to check out Vote Compass. Vote Compass is an interactive, online voting advice application developed by political scientists and run during election campaigns. It surveys users about their political views and, based on their responses, calculates the individual alignment of each user with the parties or candidates running in a given election contest.



There are many serious issues facing our country and the world today.We owe it to ourselves and future generations to take this election seriously. Vote to protect your rights and safe guard a liveable future for those generations to come.




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